Trans Fat Gets Burned

The FDA moved to protect American citizens from themselves on Tuesday by approving a ban on chemically altered fats (known as trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils) over the next three years. Trans fats are liquid fats that undergo a scientific process that makes them behave more like lard or butter. This extends the shelf-life of many foods. Unfortunately, this version of the fat is significantly unhealthier for human consumption; making it comparative to saturated fats. The primary health risk being a spike in cholesterol levels which can harden arteries and lead to stroke or heart attacks. It is believed that thousands of heart attacks will be prevented by removing trans-fat from the food supply.

The current health trends in America had put trans fats in the cross hairs and many food manufacturers had been proactive about removing these deadly ingredients from their products ahead of the FDA’s ruling. At the current estimate, 80% of trans fats have already been removed from the food supply. By 2018, the FDA’s ruling will reduce the remaining 20% almost entirely.

CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson called the ruling a “major victory for public health.” Former Commissioner of the FDA, Margaret Hamburg played a key role in the regulations. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit organization, had sued the FDA in order to speed up this decision and is especially pleased with the outcome. Americans seeking to improve their health and those unaware of the dangers of trans fat are the true winners of this decision.

Liquid oils like olive oil, canola oil and safflower oil make excellent substitutes for trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils. Consumers will start to see food manufacturers moving towards these products as well. The most commonly purchased items that contain partially hydrogenated oils are coffee creamer, frozen baked goods, frosting, and refrigerated biscuit dough.

Did you know that companies who claim to be “zero trans-fat” may actually contain the noxious ingredient? That’s because under the current trend, products containing 0.5g of trans fat or less can claim no trans-fat. The new ruling will also put an end to this loophole. Consumers will be able to make decisions for themselves and their families with confidence and transparency.


Plus Sides to Palliative Care

Specialized medical care is essential for many senior citizens, being the majority that rely on our healthcare system the most. Palliative care is a growingly popular option to accompany a chronic illness. Beginning in 2006 in the U.S., palliative care became board certified under a specialty of medicine accompanying doctors or caregivers an interest in the field. Palliative care uses a multidisciplinary approach, tying in multiple levels of treatments and angles to provide to the recipient.

What is palliative care?

A serious illness requires serious attention. Palliative care provides that attention in more ways than one. Specialized doctors, nurses and workers provide an extra layer of support in addition to medical needs. These doctors, nurses and workers are certified in the hospice and palliative care medicine, therefore work together in harmony, making the interactions between themselves easy and effective. The main goal is to make the patient and family extremely comfortable throughout the process of the treatment. Regardless of the diagnosis or treatment, palliative care is focused to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family.

Difference between palliative care and hospice?

As stated before, palliative care is made up of a team instead of hospice relying on a family caregiver. Another major distinction is timing. Hospice is usually terminal or a half year time range of death to qualify for hospice care. Palliative care requires no time range, therefore the care is consistent from day one and on.

Where to Find Palliative Care Clinics

Specialized clinics are popping up throughout the country, JenCare is one example. With recent openings in Illinois with JenCare Chicago, this family style care is growing increasingly popular. Their model is patient focused, giving the family and recipient of treatments always full attention and need.

College Party Health Safety Tips

College is supposed to be one of the most important experiences in a young person’s life. They learn information and develop skills that will lead to a lifelong career. It is also a time that young people are required to start learning their way through the world. Alcohol is a huge part of the social life in college. Although most drinking activity is dressed up to appear like harmless fun, there are many dangers that drinking alcohol at a party brings. One of the most damaging is date rape.

This results when someone slips a drug into a victim’s drink without their knowledge. The drugs, which are colorless and tasteless, will render them unconscious and at the mercy of whoever has just drugged them. This is a serious problem but there are steps that you can take to avoid becoming the victim of date rape. Due to the frequency of date rape and the use of date rape drugs, innovative products are being created to help detect the presence of drugs in drinks. For example, Undercover Colors ( is currently developing a color changing nail polish sticker that changes color when it comes in contact with common date rape drugs like GHB.

When you make the choice to drink alcohol you are taking responsibility for yourself. This means that you don’t allow the alcohol to diminish your ability to defend and protect yourself. Have a good time but don’t drink so much that you can’t pay attention to what is happening around you. Being responsible for your choices is part of being an adult.

  • Never accept drinks from someone else. Only accept drinks from someone you trust. Once you are drugged you will be helpless to defend yourself, so make the decision to be vigilant. Always watch your drink and never leave it unattended.
  • Let your instincts guide you. If you are in a place that doesn’t feel “right”, or makes you uncomfortable get out. Call a friend to come meet you and escort you home. Many colleges provide escort services to help women from being in compromising positions.
  • If you are going on a first date with someone, make sure that you check in with a friend before and continually check in throughout the date. Make sure to meet in a public, populated place. Don’t leave a party with someone that you have just met. You have no idea who they are or what their intentions are.
  • Stick with your friends. There is always safety in numbers. When you are at a party where people are drinking alcohol, make sure to not get separated from those you went with.

It is important to remember these tips in order to keep yourself safe and allow for the college experience to be one of the best things that ever experience. So be smart when you are out for the evening, and help create an environment that is safe for women.

Diabetes Symptoms and Warning Signs in Women

Diabetes can happen at any age, though type 2 diabetes is more common in those over 45 years of age. Many of the risks for diabetes are the same between men and women, but there are some differences.

The risk of developing diabetes is higher for people who:

  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Are do not lead active lives
  • Have high levels of fats called triglycerides, low levels of “good” cholesterol, or both
  • Are a member of a high-risk race or ethnicity
  • Have a history of high blood sugar
  • Have a first-degree relative with diabetes
  • Have conditions that are associated with the body not using insulin effectively (insulin resistance

Other unique risk factors include a history of gestational diabetes or having given birth to a baby weighing over 9 pounds.

According to the National Institutes of Heath (NIH), close to one-third of women with diabetes do not know they have the disease. It is recommended that screening for adults of both genders be done in those over the age of 45 who are overweight or obese and who have one of the risk factors listed above.

On the other hand, men are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than women. The exact reasons why are unclear, however.

One possible reason could be that men tend to carry their weight in the belly area more often than women, which can increase insulin resistance.

Men are also more likely than women to develop heart disease as a result of their diabetes. The risks become relatively similar between the sexes once women reach menopause.

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Manatech to Launch New Weight Loss Line

Mannatech ( is looking to launch a new weight loss line to add to its already expansive glyconutrient supplements. This line is completely patented next to an impressive 117 more. Asia is a monster market for this company. While it’s true that it is vulnerable to global currency fluctuation the product has adjusted itself to compensate for any losses and continues to go forward with ever-growing global return.

New Branding New Plan New Success
The CEO Alfredo Bala, the mastermind behind the new product line is using this very new positive product to boost sales in the global market as part of a revitalization scheme. This company has a sharp tendency to be resilient and with an entrepreneurial spirit, to turn on a dime for the better. In an effort for constant improvement, the company has made its compensation plan even more attractive which is sure to turn some heads on the people that are selling the product. It doesn’t stop there either. The entire company is in the midst of a great new revamp or revitalization of sorts with new branding. And to showcase the new branding, the new product will be the main event.

What is a Glyconutrient?
A glyconutrient which is the basis of this new product line is there to help people with the 8 sugars it needs for optimal function mostly at the cellular level for immunity boosting and maintenance. The intention is to replace the sugars, 6 which are not found in diets

Special Focus on the Associates
This new product line will be the main event with the associates of the product. The company will work to engage and educate so as to boost ” drive positive sales growth”. This is important as this product line will tell the company a lot about the direction it will take and show Mannatech where it must improve further. Mannatech is a company that care about the physical health and well-being of its consumers and will take every step necessary to improve the product line it launches.

Mannatech Notoriety 
In 2006 Forbes Magazine named Mannatech as number five in the best small companies in a list of 200 top companies. That’s great and hard to come by recognition. One year later, BusinessWeek named the company Top 100 Hot Growth Small Companies.” Since then, it has lived up to its name.

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How Fruit and Alcohol Impact Breast Cancer Risk

Fruits and vegetables are important sources of fiber,vitamins, and other biologically active substances, which are thought to offer protection against breast cancer.

However, conclusive evidence is lacking, and most previous studies have focused on consumption of fruit and vegetables starting from the midlife years. By then, breast tissue may no longer be so vulnerable to carcinogenic influences.

Researchers, led by Maryam S. Farvid of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA, wanted to investigate how eating fruits and vegetables in the teenage years could impact breast cancer risk later in life.

They used data from a study that followed 90,000 nurses over 20 years.

The nurses had reported their nutritional habits in early adulthood, and half of them had also reported their usual diet in adolescence.

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Why are Sports Supplements Beneficial to you as an Athlete?

Athletes are asked to push their bodies to the limit on a daily basis, and the strain on their bodies can be quite large. As an athlete, you must quell the strain as much as possible by using supplements. Athletic supplements increase your energy levels, allow your body to heal after strenuous workouts or matches and provide you with a routine that helps you eat a clean diet. This article talks about what supplements will do for you when you choose to take them every day.

Supplements Increase Energy Levels
The supplements created by health companies such as Mannatech are designed to help you increase your energy levels. You need all the energy you can find if you plan to work out several hours a day, compete in events that could last for hours at a time and repeat the process the next day. Your diet will help increase your energy, but a supplement steps in to handle the rest.

Your Body Must Heal
Your body goes through quite a lot of stress when you are working out and competing on a consistent basis. There are small tears in your muscles and ligaments that are imperceptible to you, but your body must heal those problems before you begin the next day. A lack of nutrients and minerals that come from your supplement routine will cause your body to break down, but a proper supplement routine will allow you to repair your body every day after a hard workout or meet.

Supplements Add to Your Routine
The finest athletes in the world keep up a routine that is difficult to match. Adding supplements to your diet allows you an opportunity to add something to your routine that is truly beneficial. You must fill up as much of your time as possible if you wish to succeed, and supplements are a healthy slot in calendar every day.

How Do You Take Supplements?
Consult a health professional to help you decide which supplements to take. You need guidance to ensure that you are taking the right supplements. Mannatech is one of the leading health supplement producers in the world today, and you may purchase your supplements in large quantities for a small amount of money every month. Taking steps to improve your health will allow you to be as competitive as possible at every match.

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Herbal Medicine : The Power of Peppermint

At the mention of peppermint, candy canes and ice cream comes to mind. But did you know that peppermint is also an age-old herbal medicine that has been used to treat a wide range of abdominal woes? The oil extracted from the peppermint plant contains a host of compounds, but the most abundant and perhaps the most pharmacologically important is menthol.

Studies have shown peppermint oil to be fairly effective at relieving irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a collection of symptoms that includes abdominal pain and cramping, bloating, constipation and diarrhea that affects 5 to 20 percent of the population. One explanation is that the oil—especially the menthol—blocks calcium channels, which has the effect of relaxing the “smooth” muscles in the walls of the intestines. Recently, Alex Ford, a McMaster University researcher, concluded that instead of popular over-the counter drugs, peppermint oil should be the first line of defense against IBS.

Peppermint can temporarily allay itching caused by insect bites, eczema and other lesions, including the rash of poison ivy. Peppermint tea can be used as a mouthwash for babies with thrush (yeast in the mouth) or for reducing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, especially for women who want to avoid stronger medications.

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Spicy foods: The Health Effects of Adding Heat to your Meal

Do you like to challenge the chef at your local Asian restaurant to make your meal as hot as possible? Does the experience feel incomplete if the food doesn’t send streams of sweat flowing down your face?

Your friends may poke fun, but you can tell them you’re doing it for your health.

There are plenty of benefits to eating spicy foods, including the possibility of a longer life, albeit just a little bit.

But like so many other things, spicy food has good and bad sides. For most people, the good will outweigh the bad.

The good

  • A longevity boost: a study in 2015 that included over half a million Chinese found that people who consumed spicy — that is, scorching — foods six times a week reduced their risk of death by 14 percent during the course of the seven-year study. Consuming fiery foods just two days a week lowered the risk by 10 percent, compared to people who ate milder fare.
  • Weight loss: Studies have shown that hot peppers can help curb appetite and speed metabolism. In a 2011 study, researchers from Purdue University found people felt more satiated after eating spicy foods. An earlier study found that people consumed less fat after eating high amounts of hot peppers. There’s probably also an effect on metabolism, says Dr. Gregory Thorkelson, an assistant professor in the departments of psychiatry and gastroenterology at the University of Pittsburgh. “That’s why you feel hot after you eat spicy food,” he adds. “And there is some data to show that capsaicin [the ingredient that produces the scorched feeling in your mouth] can increase the ability to burn calories.” Another possibility is that the fire in your mouth slows food consumption, says Dana Hunnes, a senior dietitian and professor at the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA. “If you eat more slowly, you’re more likely to notice your body’s satiety cues.”
  • Pain relief: Capsaicin has been shown to spark the release of the body’s own opioids — endorphins, Thorkelson says, although much of the data on this comes from topical administration of the chemical rather than oral consumption.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: There is data to suggest that capsaicin might help with autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, Thorkelson says, adding that these types of illnesses are less common in countries where a lot of spicy food is consumed.
  • Antimicrobial effects: Studies show that capsaicin has antibacterial effects, and possibly also to a lesser degree, antifungal effects, Thorkelson says. This is why hot peppers have been used as a food preservative, Hunnes says.

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Three New Body Cleanses to Try this Year

Body cleanses are something many women like to have in their bathrooms. They appreciate how they give them a great feeling and how easy they are to use. Here are three of the best ones to try.

1. Refresh & Rejuvenate Program – Mannatech

The Refresh & Rejuvenate Program – Mannatech ( offers a 30-day plan that will leave a woman feeling awesome. She will rid herself of toxins that can build up in her body. It will also help her with her weight management issues. When she uses this cleanser, it will help to keep her in a healthier lifestyle. There are two phases to this cleaning. A 10-day master cleanse is first. Then, there is a 20-day regular cleanse for ultimate results where a woman will love the way she feels.

2. Total Body Cleanse – Renew Life

The Total Body Cleanse – Renew Life comes in a three-part program. It lasts for 14 days, and it is a mild cleanse. This great product helps a woman’s body eliminate waste and toxins. It cleanses thoroughly to leave a woman feeling as healthy as possible. This will show in her daily life by the way she handles her responsibilities and uses her health to her advantage.

3. Advanced Complete Body Cleansing Program – GNC

The Advanced Complete Body Cleansing Program – GNC is another cleanse that will give ultimate results. Women will feel a general surge in their energy levels when they use this product. This is a 14-day program that will give many health benefits by ridding the body of all toxins and wastes. The program is broken down into three easy to complete stages. By the time the third stage is over a woman will feel a change in her body for the better. (

It is highly recommended that women use a body cleanse when they can. These cleanses are known to help increase a woman’s stamina, rejuvenate her immune system and get her as healthy as she possibly can. When a woman wants to look and feel her best, she should try one of the above cleanses and regain her vitality of life.

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